Mission Statement

To provide excellent care in a friendly atmosphere while insuring our customers, both pet and owner, receive excellent service in a playful safe environment.

Our Features

Clean and bright, over 3700 sq ft of open play space on two levels
Over 2000 sq ft of fenced and well drained play area.
Separate areas for large and small breed dogs
Air conditioning for your pets comfort
Supervised actives for your dog
Variety of bedding, cleaned daily
Complete grooming for dogs and cats



Heather's Place Doggy Day Care and Grooming


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Heather's Place Doggy Day Care is an established dog daycare & grooming based in Vancouver.  Heather's Place Doggy Day Care offers a range of services, providing different levels of care, from basic to highly individualized treatment for each pet.  Duties include feeding, and taking the dogs out every 2 hours for supervised play and potty breaks, and grooming animals on a daily basis, according to their individual needs.  A daily routine is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the business and well being of the pets, e.g.  cleaning of units, and washing of bedding, bowls and flooring.


Heather's Place Doggy Day Care is a fun place to stay and play while Mom and Dad are away at work.  A customer drops off their dog at Heather's Place Doggy Day Care and the dog gets to greet their friends and regular buddies and they talk about what's on the schedule for the day with Heather and her staff.  This includes a variety of obstacle chases, the main goal would be  "who can have the most fun".  Some of the older dogs will want to finish off their morning naps while the younger ones burn off some energy with each other.  The dog is played with, exercised, and in general treated like family at Heather's Place.

When customers leave their dogs at Heather's Place it is surrounded by people all day, has a  variety of clean beds to be choose from as needed.

Please remember to have your dog walked and their morning potty break done before dropping your pet in the morning. Also always have your dog on leash when leaving your vehicle and entering/exiting buildings.

Price List
To ensure the safety of all dogs attending day care, proof of vaccinations, including bordetella is required. Puppies must have all three sets of shots. Male dogs over seven months must be neutered. Female dogs in heat cannot attend daycare. Aggressive dogs are not accepted.